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What is Amla

It is a fruit used to make the delicious chutneys and relishes found in Indian cuisine, its tree not only revered as Mother Earth but highly regarded as sacred because of the belief that the tree’s nourishing fruits nurtured humankind. Called by many names (amla, Indian gooseberry, emblica officinalis, and amalaki), they were born from an average-sized deciduous tree (seasonal tree whose leaves fall during the appropriate seasons), whose bark is grey in color and peels in irregular patches kind of like flecks of old paint. Bearing feathery oblong lemon-scented leaves, the tree also bore greenish yellow flowers growing in supplemental clusters appearing in the beginning of the spring season while the amla fruit develops in the middle of spring that ripens towards the beginning of autumn, its depressed pale yellow globular one inch diameter body with six vertical grooves proving to be very useful not only in cooking but in medicines as well. Fresh ripe fruits, dried fruits, its nut or seed, leaves, roots, and flowers are used in various medical preparations.....

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